2014 ICO 2
Tort Law .....read more
2014 ICO 3
Civil Procedure Code, 1908 – Order VIII, Rule 1 – Extension of time for written statement not granted – Held, Proviso to O. VIII, R.1 is couched in negative form and it does not specify any penal consequences flowing from the noncompliance. Provisions being in the domain of the procedural law, it has to be held directory and not mandatory. Hence, giving regard to the facts and circumstances of the.....read more
2014 ICO 4
Employees Compensation Act, 1923 – Section 30 – Appeals - No appeal is maintainable against the order passed by the Commissioner unless a substantial question of law is involved. High Court formulate a question of law or at least address the question in its judgment especially when the Court takes a contrary view from that of the Commissioner.  (Para 8) .....read more
2014 ICO 6
Service Law .....read more
2014 ICO 7
Evidence Act, 1872 – Section 112 – Conflict between conclusive proof stipulated under law and proof based on scientific advancement accepted by world community to be correct-later must prevail. .....read more
2014 ICO 9
Penal Code, 1860 .....read more
2014 ICO 10
Indian Penal Code, 1860 – Sections 299, 302 & 307 – Death caused due to medical shock  – No internal injury – No evidence to prove that the shock happened on account of the injuries caused by the accused – Held:  Conviction under S.302 set aside and the accused convicted for attempting to commit murder. (Paras 6 & 8) .....read more
2014 ICO 12
Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 – Section 239 – Mere fact that property stands in the name of assessee cannot be a ground to assume that it belongs to assessee. .....read more
2014 ICO 13
Specific Relief Act, 1963 – Section 34 and Indian Evidence Act, 1872 – Section 114 –Entries in the revenue records cannot form the basis for declaration of title. .....read more
2014 ICO 16
A. Criminal Trial – Defective investigation/Prosecution – Directions and Guidelines – Home Department of every State is directed to examine all orders of acquittals and to record reasons for failure of each prosecution case. Further, a training programme should be put in place to ensure that those persons who handle sensitive matters concerning investigation/prosecution are fully trained to handle the same. If any lapses are committed by such persons, they.....read more

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