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We have the Judgments and the best headnotes in town. We strive to know what you want ahead of time. It's time to stop using those outdated websites and software that provide little or no insights into data and fails to understand what you need. Shift to a reliable companion that is with you throughout the day!

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Verified Content

We check and double check our content. Find a mistake and we'll add an additional day to your existing package.


Quality over everything else. Some of our competitiors claim they push out headnotes in hours. We simply don't. That's because everyone of our Headnotes are meticulously crafted by our expert team and this takes time.

Data Analytics

Maybe you are a Civil Advocate with a taste for Land dsiputes. We learn your usage patterns and suggest new cases about the topic.

Links are Everything

This is 2017, its high time we stoped using text search in our Results. All our data parametres are Linked. This helps us show the correct Filters.


Linked searches are awesome. In a perfect world, with perfect Judgments and when we know the parameters. What if we know just few keywords ? That where kickass Search Engine comes into place. It is Context and Language Aware. We even account for spelling mistakes.

Wayne Enterprises Pvt Ltd

We built this. So its probably awesome ;-). Sorry, we ran out of reasons to use our service.

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Laptop turned off, Got interupted by a client, Slept off, No problem. All you searches are stored as History.

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Don't remember the search that led to the case that you opened last week. Don't worry, we got you covered.


Got a bunch of clients with 10 different cases. Forgot which case is relavent to whom. You can now store it in out Bookmarks Section.


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